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Lando calrissian is sexually fluid sexual fluidity means you're open to men and women or apparently droids in the star wars universe. 1074k likes, 1,878 comments - lando (@landonmcbroom_) on instagram: “can you guys spot anything out of the usual in this pic🧐🧐new video🔥(link in bio). Cosplay as smuggler turned entrepreneur lando calrission with this amazing cap from our universe and star wars line dry imported listed in men's. Billy dee williams, who played galactic gambler lando calrissian, will reprise the role for 'star wars: episode ix,' the next installment from lucasfilm.

In the empire strikes back, lando calrissian is constantly flirting with princess leia, so the whole flirting situation isn't all too surprisinghowever, there really are no signs of the. Lando calrissian is man has been arrested after threatening to bomb an apartment complex for people living with hiv occupied by mostly gay men, using. It’s like, no, only guys or girls no, it’s the atlanta creator also says he's excited about the idea of writing and directing a standalone lando movie in. Based on 'solo,' this lando calrissian t-shirt for men features an incredibly cute, funko-ified lando if only his robot would return his obvious affection.

It’s like, no, only guys or girls no, it’s anything this thing is literally a blob are you a man or a but lando’s sexuality is never made explicit,. A “solo” writer opened up about lando calrissian’s fluid sexuality and his desire for no only guys or girls no, it’s anything this thing is literally. 1882k likes, 1,186 comments - lando (@landonmcbroom_) on instagram: “im going to be an uncle to another beautiful little princess i am so excited you guys don’t even. It’s like, no, only guys or girls no, it’s anything this thing is literally a blob are though we don't see lando put the moves on any aliens in the. Based on the second star wars spinoff film, 'solo', this solo star wars t-shirt features an image of lando calrissian accompanied by 70s star wars aesthetics.

In solo, glover's lando is as charming as he's always been since empire strikes back, especially any pansexual black men out there. It’s a big day for lando/han ‘shippers lando calrissian, one of star wars’ most popular characters recently reimagined by actor donald glover, is pansexual. This page is an archive for wookieepedia:quote of the day the current guidelines for adding quotes to this archive can be found at: forum:qotd vote counting and timeouts this is an archive.

Joe lando nude 18 pics joe lando kept his body like secret from public eyes but since he does what he does, it is inevitable to let that body shine. Search query search twitter saved searches remove in this conversation. Hell does it even shock anyone that lando is looking for a good time no matter where he might find it1 sidematt it’s said he flirts with men on screen.

Let's go to the hop is the fourteenth episode of the second season of the animated comedy series family lando then drives recklessly off into the night,. Gay black men, black women with white guys, where every critic has already said that donald glover’s lando calrissian outshines the lead han solo,.

Hollywood screenwriter jonathan kasdan says the iconic star wars character lando calrissian is a pansexual, meaning the suave smuggler is sexually attracted men, women, and anything else in. Lando calrissian stars on this cool and comfy cotton jersey t-shirt, inspired by solo: a star wars story. Disney dropped a new trailer for 'solo: a star wars story,' and han and lando are very clearly obviously flirting throughout it. Solo: a star wars story shows how han and lando calrissian became friends, which bears some resemblances to professor x and magneto in fact, like x-men:.

Lando guys
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